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Nobody likes calling a plumber, but when there's a problem you want it sorted fast. At Smart Choice Plumbing , we do exactly that and our comprehensive plumbing solutions address every possible issue your property may have with speed, competence, and professionalism." to "Nobody likes calling a plumber or HVAC technician, but when there's a problem you want it resolved fast. At Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning , we do exactly that and our comprehensive plumbing & AC solutions address every possible issue your property may have with speed, competence, and professionalism.

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About Us

Problematic plumbing is our specialty. Let us help you.

With a history that rivals that of any Royal Palm Beach plumber, our local customers know us as the firm to call for quality plumbing work of all types. Built on professional service with extensive plumbing knowledge, Smart Choice Plumbing is the right choice.

More than just a plumber, we consider ourselves to be true members of the community, providing necessary services at prices that are affordable for our neighbors. Every job we do is an opportunity to show not only our plumbing talents, but also our commitment to quality.

From simple repair jobs to full system installations, Smart Choice Plumbing is ready to help. Call us today at 561-629-5965.

Our Services

Complete Plumbing Services

Our licensed plumbers are ready to assist with anything from a simple leaky faucet repair to a water heater installation. Look to the below for more details about our plumbing specialties.

If you've had to fix a complicated plumbing issue in Royal Palm Beach, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find a company that can handle your job. At Smart Choice Plumbing, we're well known in the area for our full range of plumbing services and the willingness to take on the hard jobs that other plumbing firms shy away from.

In short, if it's plumbing, then Smart Choice Plumbing can do it. Frozen pipes, sewage system repairs, sump pump installations, and more - it all falls under our umbrella and our qualified team can provide the right solution for what your property needs at a competitive price and with a full commitment to service and satisfaction.

Part of what has made us Royal Palm Beach's leading plumber is not only our expertise but also the way we treat our customers. We know that it's never pleasant to call a plumber for a repair, but having a local service provider that genuinely cares about delivering a perfect fix and will treat your property with respect makes all the difference.

Smart Choice Plumbing is available for all plumbing jobs, even on very short notice. Call 561-629-5965 to learn more about how our top notch team can help.

When you hire a company to unclog your drains in Royal Palm Beach, you want to know that the same problem won't reappear just a few short weeks or even days later. With Smart Choice Plumbing , you have a team of talented plumbers that have dealt with every type of clog under the sun and know exactly what's needed to keep your drains running smoothly.

The difference between us and other drain unclogging services in Royal Palm Beach is simple - we care about what we're doing. That's why we'll not only remove the current clog but also look for deeper problems that caused the clog in the first place. In many cases, future clogs can be prevented with just a few words of wisdom from our experienced team about best practices for drains.

Whether it's a simple kitchen drain issue or a more serious problem with narrow pipes, we'll offer our best possible solution as well as an accurate price estimate once we've visited your property. All of our prices are competitive to our rivals, completely transparent in terms of labor and materials breakdown, and come with a full quality guarantee for all work done.

Having clean drains is an essential part of your Royal Palm Beach property, so don't let a bad clog stand in the way of optimal function - call Smart Choice Plumbing at 561-629-5965 today

"A picture is worth a thousand words." At Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning our state of the art Sewer Camera Inspection equipment allows us to take a first hand look at the integrity of your sewer line, without damaging your property.

Customers that have frequent clogs, root problems, bad odor, and pest issues can all benefit from a Sewer Camera Inspection. This technology not only allows us to get a first hand look at what is going on inside your drain lines, it also allows us to pin point the location of the issue at surface level.

Investing in a new property? Often times, "out of sight out of mind." Regular home inspections do not include Sewer Camera Inspections, having a Sewer Camera Inspection could save you thousands in costly future repairs.

Call Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 561-629-5965 to schedule your Sewer Camera Inspection today.

From toilets to fridges and faucets to fountains, having a talented plumber for the installation is crucial to make sure your new fixture or appliance works properly. At Smart Choice Plumbing , we're full-coverage plumbing experts for the greater Royal Palm Beach area and have an extensive history with installations of all shapes and sizes.

Being active in Royal Palm Beach for years, we've seen countless DIY installations that end up doing more harm than good. The property owners may have had the right intention of saving money, but the truth is that there is no replacement for a professional plumbing installation and the money saved from doing it yourself can be easily lost with problems down the road.

In many cases, a bad installation job might not be noticed at first, slowly leaking water and causing property damage as well as increased utility bills. That's why it's important to start with a professional installation from Smart Choice Plumbing to avoid these small issues that can quickly turn into a major problem. After every installation job, we'll do a thorough investigation to make sure everything is working right before we leave your property.

Don't let a new Royal Palm Beach appliance or fixture installation end up costing you money in the long run. Call Smart Choice Plumbing at 561-629-5965 for a professional installation service.

Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and also in your home. Finding the source of a leak is not always an easy task, more often than not you will notice a high water bill or a funny noise with no visual signs of a leak. Don't worry, at Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning we are experts at finding leaks that others can't.

We have 20 plus years experience helping customers find and repair leaks, both inside and outside of their home. Using state of the art audio and thermal imaging devices we are able to pin point the source of the leak, and provide you with an accurate estimate to repair the leak.

Think you might have a leak? Call Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 561-629-5965 to schedule your leak detection today.

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For most families, their home is their largest investment. Maintaining that investment needs to be a priority, but doesn't need to break the bank. At Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning we offer Club Memberships to help you maintain your Plumbing and HVAC systems in your home.

A Club Membership with Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning means that you can sleep easy at night. As a part of our Club Membership you will receive two scheduled precision maintenance visits per year, discounts on repairs and equipment, priority scheduling, and special member only promotions.

Want to Join? Call Smart Choice Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 561-629-5965 to purchase your Club Membership today.

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